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A maintenance plan is simply a scheduled, car detailing that happens on a consistent basis. How consistent that scheduled detailing is will vary from client to client, however in order for it to be considered a maintenance detail, it must take place within a maximum time of one month. For example, the detail can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Many of my clients choose to be on a maintenance detail plan, because not only do they get their car cleaned on a more regular basis, it is also cheaper than a regular detail and also I expertly substitute certain services from our full details ensuring your vehicle stays looking brand new every time we service your vehicle.


Coupe:$65, Sedan:$75, Suv/Truck:$85


  • Wheels, Wheel wells and Tires deep cleaned 

  • Bug Removal

  • Foam lather 

  • Hand washed two-bucket method 

  • Hand dry 

  • One month paint sealant*

  • Door Jambs 

  • Tires Dressed


  • Thorough interior vacuum 

  • Light interior wipe down 

  • Detailed dust-down

  • Odor neutralizer

  • Streak Free windows